Top 10 cheapest visiting countries


Top 10 Cheapest Visiting Countries In The World . Rank 1 . Bolivia . Bolivia is first cheapest visiting country in the world . Home to many activities and sites. this …



  1. I am Greek and Greece in not cheap! Especially in summer. Actually prices have risen since the crisis begun, cause now there is a 23% state tax. It could be cheap for people from Switzerland or Denmark or Sweden, but generally the prices are not comparable to South-East Asian or South American countries. For example, to get a double room in touristic islands like Santorini, you are lucky to get one for 40 euros per night. Alcohol in the islands is also fucking expensive, for example 10-20 euros for a cocktail. Moving around in Athens is cheap, but to travel in the islands and the countryside is not. Actually it is cheaper to fly to Italy nowadays than to go from Athens to Patra (2 hours ride). There are cheap non-touristic spots, but you have to ask locals. And yes, there are some hotels in Athens for 20 euros/night and they are dirty and crap. I don't understand how we made it to this list.

  2. myth is heaven n Nepal is real..welcome to Nepal where the buddhism spread all over the world which teaches good behaviour..its not ony rich in its natural resources but also have world oldest civilazation..fress natural mountain range..hillly topography birthplace of gautam buddha..n the place of most rare animal plants n vegetation even if we are poorest in economy in the world..

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