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"My Awesome Bali Adventure" is an interactive travel journal for kids packed with cool activities, puzzles, colouring in, scrap book pages and much more. It encourages kids to learn about Bali in a fun and interactive way. The journal begins with the plane trip to Bali, and ends with fun questions for kids about their holiday. It’s truly a wonderful keepsake for kids to remember their Bali family holiday.
Eliza McCann, super mum and talented woman behind "My Awesome Bali Adventure" took some time out to answer some questions.
Thanks heaps Eliza!
What’s the story behind "My Awesome Bali Adventure"?
My husband and I moved to Bali with our two girls, Ruby and Ella, and from the moment we arrived we just loved our new island home. Everything about it excited and interested us and we wanted to share that love with others via our travel activity book.
We hope the book gives kids – and their families – coming to Bali a little insight into the island, from language to landscape, culture to cuisine!

Photo credit: Libby Larsen
What kind of cool stuff is inside?
Lots and lots of awesome stuff: colouring in, maps, word searches, crosswords, space to record their own experiences.There are plenty of activities to keep kids entertained and engaged (and off their screens)!

Photo credit: Libby Larsen
What age group would it suit?
We would recommend the book from kids age 5 plus. But we get grown-ups buying our books, too, because everyone should know how to count to ten in Bahasa and a game of ‘Bali Spotto’ is fun at any age!

Photo credit:  Libby Larsen
What are your  top tips for families embarking on a Bali Adventure.
Relax, enjoy, eat, shop, swim, meet some gorgeous Balinese people. Soak up the culture – the sights, sounds and smells. Learn some of the language.
And don’t be scared to head off the beaten track…there’s more to Bali than Seminyak. Visit a temple, go for a bike ride through a rice paddy, take a day trip to a waterfall. Explore!

Photo credit: Libby Larsen
What are your kid’s favourite food in Bali?
My kids have developed a ridiculous tolerance for chilli since living in Bali so they love anything spicy. If we go out they tend to go for the standards: nasi goreng with a side of chicken satay and a mixed juice.

Photo credit: Libby Larsen
So, there’s a Sydney book now, can you give us the lowdown.
I absolutely loved doing the Bali book and thought to myself, ‘Hey! What other place is so near and dear to my heart?’ And of course, it’s my home town, Sydney. And so ‘My Awesome Sydney Adventure’ was born. I thought I knew my city pretty well, but I learnt a few things along the way!
I see there are some other cute things you sell?
We sell totes, tees and prints. We love the Bali prints because they make such a great lasting memento of a holiday. We are just working on our Sydney products now so stay tuned.
Cool Ts & Tote Bags c/o My Awesome Adventure website
Can you tell us a bit about you?
I’m a Bali-loving mother of two gorgeous girls. I’m married to a fabulous writer called Phillip Gwynne who has had around 30 books published. When we met he wooed me with the promise of a dedication in his next book and that we would live overseas together one day. Both came to happen.
I love travelling and wish I had a bank account that matched my desires.
I’ll take warm weather over cold any day. But for someone who has lived by that motto for most of their life, I seem to end up living in a lot of chilly places!
Apart from my family, my other loves are coffee and wine and (believe it or not), exercise.

Eliza and her family c/o Eliza McCann
Thanks so much Eliza!

My Awesome Bali Adventure – A Travel Journal for Kids
Written by Phillip Gwynne and Eliza McCann
Art an Design by Tinne Cornelissen
The book can be purchased through thewebsiteand there is a fabulousFacebook Pageas well.

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