The 25 most beautiful places on earth


Visit the most beautiful places in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


  1. although some of the places here are nice i notice that the one in the third position (of being the most beautiful place on earth) which is kyllburg, germany; and the one at the second position (of being the most beautiful place on earth) which is preikestolen, norway are places that no one had ever heard about and hardly does any one ever know about them at all – so why the rankings for them are as high as that ????????

  2. When I see this video i become sad. Im a Beginner Student of an University. I want to travel through the world. There are hidden so many expiriences. I want to see new landscapes , wanna lern foreign languages , wanna be among different people with different cultures. I want to see what the world got for me out there and communicate with beings with different nationalities. no matter what Kind of Religion they got. World could be so peaculful if we could life with acceptance and tolerance. But instead of peace the world is going crazy. War, because someone told us not to like somebody. Everywhere misery and poorness. Suffering families and children tryin to get some food from the tip or even dying because there is nothing to eat left. Sometimes I think about, when you would have a button and if you Push it, the humanity never existed. Would you push it ? I think I would , the human existance destroyed the nature and all that goes in common. All animals get killed in such in great mass, all plants we cutted , all damage we have to response. And all of that for financial and political interests. The world would be better without us, remind that.
    So please humanity reflect yourself and that means you reader reflect yourself , you are a a part of a big Mass.
    Peace for everyone and everything. Im out

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