*REVIEW* Rangkung Hill Camping Ground and Tree Top Adventure, Bali, Indonesia


Camping in Bali – Rangkung Hill Camping Ground and Treetop Adventure Park, Gianyar.

Address:  Jl. Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra, Desa Lebih, Gianyar, Bali
Ph: 0812-3677-0172
Email: avontureoutdoor@gmail.com

Watch the quick review video to get a feel for the ambience or read below:

I decided to pile my two kids on motorbike for some fresh air and take the 40min scooter ride from Sanur to Rangkung Hill during the fine weather. Enticed by the treetop adventure park, I knew the kids needed to get outdoors and active.

I was largely confused with address given so we entered the Bali Safari and Marine Park but found out it is the next exist of the busy bypass.  The sign on the highway when coming from Sanur (after the Bali Safari entry) looks like this:

When you enter the street continue to follow the bright orange flags which will lead you to the Park.

Nestled away in the forest with bright bean bags we discovered a cool little hang out. Although popular, I think this is less visited by tourists and foreigners making it a great camping spot to immerse more into the culture.

There is a suspension bridge with less safety regulations than I am used to, making it gnarly gripping my 5 year old as he quivered across.

The treetop park looked awesome at only 120,000 IDR per child and 170,000 IDR per adult.

There was a warung onsite and parking available. You can rent a tent for 250,000 IDR or 350,000 IDR including dinner for 3 people. But bear in mind they provide only a tent and yoga mat type thing for the floor. You will need to bring sheets/pillows/blankets.

If you are planning to camp on the weekend you should book in advance as it’s often full. WhatsAPP or phone:

+62 081236770172

It heaved down with torrential rain and we donned makeshift raincoats by using garbage bags heading off into the thick of rain drops that felt like the size of bullets. I quickly gave up the ride and decided to stop at Aerospot Restaurant (the big plane on the bypass which is actually a cool restaurant). For more information about it visit the next post….

xx Smiles

Katie Joy