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Since the 1800’s this lovely spot has been popular for European tourists. It has a pleasant temperate climate & charming woodland that has captivated people for 100’s of years. The small town of Killarney is tucked at the base of MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland’s biggest mountain range.

It’s a very popular tourist destination, boasting the largest number of hotel beds after Dublin!

Begin your Killarney visit with a stroll down High Street or College Street. If you feel uncomfortable taking kids into a pub, there are many cafes where you can try traditional Irish food.

There is plenty to do even after the sun goes down. Diners, bistros, and dance clubs (once the kids are tucked away in bed)!

For sightseeing and tours check out:

Killarney National Park, which is found only two miles from the town. This beautiful place is home to wildlife and some of Killarney’s well known vacation spots. You can explore lakes and mountains, which are home to red deer, ospreys, and even Arctic char.

A genuine medieval tower called Ross Castle is also found in Killarney National Park.

Another interesting building is Muckross House, a 65-room manor that Queen Victoria has stayed in. There is plenty to see do and explore making this an epic family adventure.

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  1. I love your videos! They are so exciting, lively and amazing. Also I love the idea to use people with local accents doing the description. I have used these videos during ESL lessons and my students love to here various accents, as well as discuss these beautiful places. Huge THANK YOU!

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