Katie Joy

Hi, firstly thanks a million for stopping on this website!

My name is Katie Joy & I have travelled since I first left home when I was 15 years old. It was an accident. I just went on an epic holiday with a girlfriend from school (and didn’t go back! – sorry mum even though I love you).

This was devastating for my family because we came from a small town. They were worried what others would think!

But it was 1995 and they had to explain to everyone at the private school where I attended why their daughter left home to go to a state school over 700kms away. I guess they left out the part where I was sharing a house with a bunch of surfers and had not a cent to my name!

In this phase of my life it was ADVENTURE TIME! I was addicted to surfing and getting the adrenalin from catching waves. Besides, the school I chose has surfing as a subject! What could beat that?

I was an adventurous kid, at least my spirit was channelled to sport rather than getting into trouble with the police (as most of my friends were back in the town that I left).

I could speak for days on all the adventures so to cut it short, here is a snap shot of my many lives already…

– Surfer girl while doing grade 12 in a share house on the Gold Coast, Australia

– Japanese hostess (in Japan) 4 mths

Indonesian Uni student – Sulawesi 7mths

USAID helping Indonesian villagers 4mths

Emirates Flight Attendant staying in flash hotels all over the world 12mths

Aquaculture Specialist in Mozambique 6mths

Marine Biology degree graduate in Argentina 6mths

– Developing Ecotourism projects with indigenous people in the Amazon 6 mths

– Working in La Paz Bolivia (loved this one!) 12 mths

– Becoming really good at Capoeira and doing back flips! 8mths

– Hanging out for months in Mexico 3mths

– Learning how to build Eco-houses in Ojo Caliente, USA 2mths

– Staying in a mansion on the Canadian lakes fishing & reading books 1mth

– Professional Samba dancer in Bangkok 12 mths

Masters Degree finished in Thailand ! 12mths

– Exploring New Zealand while being an Eco ranger ! 18mths

– Riding bikes with food carts all over London ! 3mths

United Nations Ambassador in Bangkok Thailand 12mths

– Travelling around the world with Zumba Fitness 

– Having a baby die (sad time)

– Having 2 more kids (mostly alone)

– Starting my own Dance Fitness Club 5 years

I have pretty much raised my two boys alone and have really struggled. Being an adventurous free spirited soul, staying still feels unnatural.

Every parent makes sacrifices for their kids but for how long until your soul burns dry? What’s the best anyway? What the government says? What the majority say?

I say you need to do what feels right. What feels good and true for you. What makes you happy and alive.

Life is short.

My heart belongs on the open road.

It’s my vision to inspire sole parents and those big hearted travellers to make it happen. To not give up. To have the holiday, experience or adventure that you crave.

I truly love travelling with heart. Having loving compassion for all those you meet on your journey. There is a sense of liberation and innocence being somewhere where you are unknown.

♥ My goal is to help mums and dads who have a heart yearning to explore the unknown road!

♥ To have the courage and confidence to take their kids on epic adventures.

♥ To explore the gorgeous planet and learn about the wild wonders of the World!

♥ My vision is to grow into an incredible group of adventurous awesome parents who defy the norm and live life on our terms.

Thank you for reading.

Love n bubbles,

Katie Joy

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