Is that even possible? Can you go from zero knowledge to a thriving startup and business in 12 months or am I just marketing speak?

I can tell you it is possible and many people do it. The truth is that if someone else can do it anyone else can.

Does it mean you will? It depends, on you!

Have big desires, dreams, and beliefs

I’m not going to make you any promises because I don’t know your level of desire, sacrifice, or burning pain that wants change. I don’t know your time constraints, your budgetary concerns, your insecurities and doubts that might get in the way?

I certainly don’t know how big your dreaming is which is why I’ll NEVER tell you it’s not possible.

Six years ago, many people would have said my big dreaming was not possible either. But I made it happen. It took a lot longer than 12 months, but I often wonder if I had the right tools and resources to show me how would it have been quicker?

Based on what I’ve learned when it comes time to success my answer would be a definite yes.

Success is not an enigma. You find those who have what you want, and you replicate what they’ve done … with your own flair!

Increase your value

That’s how you grow a business from zero to success: by growing who YOU are.

Who you are is what you’ll create.

It’s why you can go from zero to a thriving business in 12-months or less, and why many people do.

In the book, “6 months to 6 figures” the author Peter Voogd, talks about a business moving beyond the realm of jobs where we trade time for money.

A job is a place where it doesn’t matter if you have more value and work harder than the person in the cubicle beside you, you’ll make the same amount. Odds are if they were employed before you, they’d earn more even if they’re spending the day hiding on Facebook or running outside to catch a Pokemon when no one’s looking.

But, in the world of business, it becomes a level playing field because what you bring to the marketplace is your VALUE

So if you want to increase your income, you increase your value.

Do what it takes

Of course, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. Start and run your business lean. Hustle hard until you hit your stride. Study and learn from smart entrepreneurs who’ve gone before.

But you’re up against a lot of challenges, too. Starting up and growing a business is not easy and don’t believe anyone who says so.

The challenges are there to help us learn and grow into the people who can create the dream.

Maybe you have that willingness and have great ideas, but you lack the specific business know-how. Money is probably tight. Your time is stretched thin. You’re bombarded with information but not sure who to listen to or what to do next.

Ultimate startup bundle

Learn from the right people

You want to do things right and to do that; you need to learn from the best.

It’s why I’m always taking courses and reading books and can be intensely curious around someone who has the success I desire.

“How have you created what you have? What type of person do I have to become to do the same?”

No matter your position; there’s always a way to learn from the best.

August last year, I shared with you an amazing Startup Bundle filled with incredible educational resources to help you learn how to move from zero to thriving from the masters thriving … and in 12 months too if you wish.

They’re bringing it back .. but for only 48 hours. Many of you jumped on it last year, but if you missed out, here’s your chance to jump on it now.

The Ultimate Startup Bundle

The ultimate startup bundle

The Ultimate Startup Bundle is a complete library of business and startup resources on all the topics you need to round out your business and avoid crucial mistakes along the way.

It contains over 60 eBooks, eCourses, and cheat sheets, all created by experienced business owners who’ve been there, done that, and know their stuff.

These hand-picked resources are designed to address each part of your startup journey with all the right tactics, tools, strategies and business insights to guide you on the road to success.

Including resources like The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Jeff Goldenberg and Mark Hayes), The Lean Brand (Jeremiah Gardner), Born to Win (Zig Ziglar), and Booked (Josh Turner), it covers everything you need to know about how to:

  • start a business from scratch, even if you have no cash, connections, or are short on time
  • organize your days, weeks, and months to be more efficient, do more in less time and generate more revenue
  • build an audience of raving fans ready to buy anything you create
  • connect, collaborate, and create with linchpins and mentors who will skyrocket your success
  • double your sales and profit
  • scale your business from $0 to $100,000+ in one year
  • get the confidence to take smart risks, and begin reaping the rewards today
  • and learn to relax and recharge by putting your business on autopilot

With a product value of over $3,000, it’s the full meal deal and was carefully curated to give entrepreneurs like you an edge as you build your business.

At just $97 for the entire bundle, it’s a far cry less than you’ll pay for many monthly membership sites (often $50-$100 per month), online business courses (typically $999-$5,000), and let’s not even talk about the tens or hundreds of thousands you can spend on a traditional business degree.

From zero to thriving startup

But you’ve got to act now because the Ultimate Startup Bundle is only around for 48 hours, and then the team that created it loses their license to make this incredible library available.

Many of the authors and publishers (myself included)  have taken a big risk to make this happen for you, and in return, they’ve agreed to keep it to just 2 days. The bundle disappears for good on February 7 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

My premium training, “How to move from Blog to Business” is included in the bundle. Over 1000 people have taken this training and I’ve received loads of gratitude emails from those who have.

Caz’s training is FULL of wisdom and great actionable steps! Her wholistic picture of what it takes to make your dreams come to life is structured and proven. Make yourself a coffee, grab an empty notebook, and six pens, and get ready to have your mind blown!  Do it! Then do it again!” Israel Smith

The bundle doesn’t stop at ebooks and e-courses though. You’ll also receive free access to premium online software services to support your business, like:

  • ConvertKit 2 months FREE ($58.00)
  • ClickFunnels 1 month FREE + template and podcast ($297.00)
  • SmartCart 90 days FREE + grandfathered pricing of $99/month ($297.00)
  • Thinkific 3 months FREE “business” account ($237.00)

That’s a value worth over $900, which makes the small investment of $97 even more of a no-brainer.

Note: I am an affiliate partner for the bundle, which means I do receive a small commission if you purchase via my link. My product is in the bundle, which is one reason I’m happy to support it as an affiliate – I know the products are high quality and the founders are trustworthy. I’ve also tested the other products myself, and as a way of saying thanks to those who purchase through me, I’ve included a super awesome bonus (more on that below)

How to avoid overwhelm with so many amazing resources

I get it. You’re probably thinking, “What am I going to do with over 60 ebooks/courses?”

Overwhelm is a success killer, and I thought the same thing when I received my bundle. OMG, where do I start?

The bundle comes with a “Startup Roadmap” to help you identify which books and courses are most relevant to you. Knowledge is power, but only if you can access it, right?

The Ultimate Bundle

The roadmap will help you find where you are in your online business journey, what you need help with, and what strategies and tools in the bundle are the best starting point for you.

The thing with this bundle is you don’t have to read everything right now. I’m not going to pretend to you that every book and course is going to be relevant to you.

It’s not. But, it’s only going to take a few of the books and courses to get you moving towards that thriving business and help you start saving time and money.

A couple of the courses alone are worth $300, and my training is worth $77. (and my special bonus I’m offering below possibly even more!)

Let me tell you what I did to avoid the overwhelm:

The Dashboard of the Ultimate Bundle is carefully organized into subject matters and resource type so you can quickly find what you need.

Ultimate startup bundle

I went straight to the courses to see what was relevant to me now. Courses can get you straight to what you want to get done now for your business. They are ideal for making action happen and for driving motivation.

They are usually higher priced, so you feel you’re getting more than your money’s worth from the starting point. That’s important as it motivates you to keep going.

I started a few of the courses straight away (see below) not because I necessarily needed the information, but I wanted to test it out so I could tell you if I thought it was a valuable addition or not. I’ll get back to the more advanced courses later that are relevant to me.

Then I went through the ebook list and chose a few books that I felt were relevant for me at this stage (+ a couple more for me to check out to see if it was good for you if you’re starting out.) You get the PDF version of the ebook + the mobi and epub files.

15 minutes of reading of an evening gets you through an insane amount of books. You want to take action on what you’re learning, but there’s also an enormous amount of value in just reading the words of successful people over and over again. It seeps into your psyche and slowly changes you into the individual who has immense value to bring to the marketplace.

The words, thoughts, and ideas you read become you.

If you read just before bed and take those words with you into the subconscious, you’ll absorb it far faster and become that person. That’s why this bundle is so great. You have an entire library of books you can read on your e-reader. You can highlight and take notes and then be ready to act on them in the morning. And if it’s not relevant, there will still be words and thoughts of successful people seeing into your subconscious and helping you become that successful business person.

I usually spend on average $10- $20 per book for my e-reader device. (I use a kobo) For the same price of 10 books with the Ultimate Bundle, I get over 60. It’s a no-brainer.

Here’s what I know:

The more I learn, the more I grow. The more I grow, the more I know. The more I know, the more value I have. The more value I have, the more value I give. The more I give, the more I receive.

A quick glance at a few of the resources in the Ultimate Bundle

There’s no way I’m going to review over 60 ebooks and courses for you. That would give you and me a headache, and I can’t even get through all of them in a year myself.

I know you’re concerned about whether you’ll get value or not. So I’ve gone through a couple of resources for you to show you how you will get over and above the $97 investment.

The ultimate start up is what

QuitN6 Internet Business course – value $300

Who doesn’t want to quit their job in 6 months? Here’s a clear and clever roadmap to follow.

I’m only two lessons in and I’m already blown away. Both lessons have hundreds of comments from course participants, which have allowed me to gain further insights into the value of the course – they’re happy and getting a lot of clarity and insights.

I found myself nodding through the introductory lessons as Steve talks about the important things to do in your business from the beginning. I was nodding because we didn’t do it and it’s those things I’m always saying, “If I were to start again, I would do that differently.”

The course comes with video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and PDF worksheets.

I’d never heard of Steve Reed before. When someone’s making $100,000 revenue a month online and has a course like this, I’m paying attention and finding out more about him.

You’ve totally got your money’s worth with this course alone. Follow his teachings and you will be quitting your job in six months. But again, as mentioned in the beginning, ultimately it’s up to you.

High Leverage Conversion Tweaks by Bnnon Tennant

This is an email series perfect for those starting their first online business (even for people like me for a good review and refine.) I learned something I’d not heard before in his first email and upon reviewing our website was relieved to see we’d done it without even realizing it!

The lessons come every day, are short and sweet, but give you simple techniques that can take your business to the thriving stage very quickly.

I’ve just moved into the copywriting segment of the training and love it. I’ve done a lot of training and courses with copywriting, but Bnnon’s approach is innovative and fresh. I’m excited each time I receive another lesson as I know it’s going to help sharpen my craft so I can grow.

Facebook Ads Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started by Mojca Mars

Let me tell you about this ebook! It as simple, concise and easy to understand. It helped me get a successful ad campaign running on Facebook within two days. It took me over two years to gain the confidence to even try it. This book empowered me and I’m stoked.

I can tell you I previously spent nearly $1000 on a Facebook Ads course that didn’t deliver as much value and did not inspire me into action. I left confused and cranky. I could be an affiliate for that course and make way more money, but I don’t recommend things to you that aren’t exceptional. This ebook will help you get results and quickly.

6 Months to 6 Figures: The Fastest Way to Go From Where You Are to Where You Want to be Regardless of the Economy

I guess you want to get to six figures pretty quick. This ebook by Peter Voogd aligns well with Quitn6. I love it.

I’ve been sharing quotes from it each evening on Snapchat, and it’s fired me up to reach even higher in our business. I was ecstatic to see a lot of what he talks about aligns with my Blog to Business course and Step into Sacredness ebook. I haven’t read the other five yet to see if they are in alignment too.

Automate Your Routines, Guarantee Your Results by Kathryn Jones

I recommend getting started with this ebook, particularly if you want to take your business on the travel road. Automation will be key in giving you more time for travel (or anything you love). It removes a lot of angst, frustration and unnecessary work.

The ebook is quick and concise and outlines a clear strategy for you to follow to start that automation.

Buy Your Own Island: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Free and Making Your Dreams Reality

This ebook by Danny Flood is jam packed with useful information on starting and growing your business, as well as how to manage it on the road, helpful hacking tips, different ways you can make money, and useful networking techniques.

That’s the perfect starting point for you to avoid overwhelm and to learn great strategies and insights into how to start up and grow your own successful business.

I know Danny personally, having been interviewed on his podcast and chatting with him over email. He knows what he’s doing and is a brilliant networker and connector and lives a very exciting life.

To get started with the Ultimate Bundle:

  1. Click here to purchase your bundle of resources (do it now to get that extra amazing bonus) The Bundle disappears  February 7 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time,
  2. Login and download all the products. (You do have a year to do it but better to do it now.)
  3. Transfer all ebooks to your e-reader device. That way when you’re stuck on a train and have a spare 15 minutes you can read one of these and move towards your dreams instead of wasting your time in other people’s business on Facebook.
  4. Make a list of most essential training for you NOW. Use the Road Map to help. If you want to quit your job, then go straight to that course Quit in 6 months.

My bonus

ultimate startup bundle

As mentioned, if you purchase the Ultimate Startup Bundle via my link, you’ll also receive a bonus free training, sharing my Top 5 strategies for increasing organic traffic to our blog – that’s almost 500,000 page views a month!

We’ve seen one of our traffic sources (and strategies mentioned in the training) almost double this past month.

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How to startup a business from zero and thrive. Click to learn more about online blogging and business success. Happy pinning!How to startup a business from zero and thrive. Click to learn more about online blogging and business success. Happy pinning!

How to go from Zero to thriving business in 12 months
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