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Culture is the social behaviour and norms found in human societies. So many cultures are so different than our own. Travel is awakening & challenging our beliefs. Such a wonderful experience for young minds.


5 Facts About the Famous Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

One Girl One Suitcase (Maria Storgaard) went and saw La Sagrada Família in Barcelona, which is a very unique and beautiful Roman Catholic church. She is traveling with a little baby and in this video...

Killarney, Ireland | Family Travel Guide

Since the 1800's this lovely spot has been popular for European tourists. It has a pleasant temperate climate & charming woodland that has captivated people for 100's of years. The small town of Killarney...

Could Shanghai Disneyland Be Cooler Than Walt Disney

Shark diving without a cage. Sounds insane, right? That's what I thought too. Turns out sharks aren't the terrifying monsters we think they are. But we've all seen the movie 'Jaws' and Hollywood doesn't lie....

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