Aussie World Review: Discount tickets & prices, new rides, cheap tuesday!


Watch my video review above or read about Aussie World in the blog post below:

Aussie World is a mini theme park. Comparable to a small section of Dreamworld on the Gold Coast or a tiny segment of Disneyland but without the queues. It’s located off the Bruce highway in Queensland, Australia approximately 1 hour north of Brisbane.

If you are on holiday and can’t decide what to do or where to go. Hopefully this helps!

I have purchased an annual pass from Dreamworld before and my partner used to work at Movie World so I have some idea about all the “World’s” in Queensland.

I was never really interested in Aussie World before however I’m really excited to share with you what it’s really like behind those big walls!

Aussie World Queensland Sunshine Coast Review



  • Single Entry $40 ($38 online) Adults and Kids over 3 years
  • Senior/Pensioner $33 ($30 online)
  • Family of 4 $144 ($136)
  • Family of 5 $175 ($167)

What I like about the family pricing is one adult and 3 kids or 2 adults and 2 kids. Hence it caters for mixed families and helps people who don’t fit into the 2 adults/2 kids box.

To check current prices click here.

Easy to walk around

It’s not near as big as the other ‘worlds’ so you can easily get around to all the rides.

Not very busy / not as long queues

I went on the school holidays at peek time and found the vibe fantastic and the queues not very long. I managed to speak to a few locals on annual passes who come often and they  said that the waiting times for rides were never too long (under 15mins wait). More often than not, you can wait for less than 5mins, especially outside of school holidays on a weekday.

Rides for all ages

There is a really good range of rides, so you can comfortably bring toddlers and teenagers together. Everything is really close so there are no long walks between attractions.


Expensive Annual Pass – Aussie World

Aussie World $89

$89 per person for ages 3 years and up is expensive compared to the other theme park deals.

If you are new to the theme park industry in South East Queensland, basically you have the Dreamworld combo of Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint Observation Deck and the Movie World combo of Movie World, Seaworld, Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country. That means you get access to all the theme parks mentioned on one annual pass.

Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint Observation Deck $99

The Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint Observation Deck combination annual pass is 12 months validity from time of entry. It costs Child $109 (3-13 years) / Adult $129 / NZ & AU citizens $109 – but they often run promotions such as a 3 for FREE which means you buy 3 annual passes and get the 4th free, making it great value. Click here for a current price and promotion list.

Movie World, Seaworld, Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country $109

The Movie World annual pass (at the time of publication) was $109 for all 4 theme parks. You can check current prices here.

I TEND TO USE THIS WEBSITE. THEY SOMETIMES HAVE BETTER DEALS THAN THE THEME PARK WEBSITE. They also highlight other activities you may be interested in on the Gold Coast.

– I am not affiliated in anyway (I wish, hehe).

Prices Slashed on the first Tuesday of every Month!

Cheap Tuesday is aimed for little kids $12 for 2 hours

The first Tuesday of every month is dedicated from 10am-12noon for Tiny Tots. Just mention tiny tots at the counter. THIS IS OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL HOLIDAY ONLY. Just phone to double check the promotion is still running:

Phone Aussie World: +61 7 5494 5444

To check the Queensland School term (and holiday dates) click here.

The offer costs $12 online or $15 at the gate. Click here for more information. This is perfect if you want to visit Aussie World & do something else as well. If you visit Aussie World during the week, 2 hours would be enough for a fun adventure & you will get the ‘theme park’ memory and experience while saving your money for other activities.

What to eat? How much will food cost?

Aussie World are strict on the “no food allowed” policy however I didn’t see them checking anyone’s bags. Although there are plenty of picnic like tables around, I guess they don’t want people bringing in a home cooked feast.

Prices are not too exuberant. You can expect burgers, fries, wraps, dagwood dogs, nuggets etc. We purchased the sweet chilli wrap for $12.95 (with drink) with fries for $2 extra. The dagwood dog was $8 with chips. Kids meals are $9.95 and you can purchase for $8.95 online at the time of booking for a $1 off.

There is another eatery at the PUB, except it was completely empty, even on the school holidays when I was there. We actually enjoyed this because we were already so tired, so we sat inside on the sofas for a rest. But I can’t comment on the meals.

You are allowed to exit and re-enter which means you can walk down to the famous BEEFY’s PIES or subway for a cheaper meal. I do recommend a walk here because there are some interesting shops. A crystal shop, a cane toad souvenir shop & lolly shop to name a few!

Map of Aussie World showing subway and Beefys Pies nearby. Also fun candy shop, crystal shop, souvenir shop  😉

What to bring?

  • Change of clothes (there is a wet section, so bring swimmers or a change of clothes)
  • Shoes (Shoes must be worn on every ride. Thongs (sandals) are accepted.
  • Water
  • Sun cream
  • Food for special dietary needs – no food is allowed, however if you have special dietary needs, you are unlikely to find what you need inside.

Insights for Single Parents

Single parents can enjoy a great day at Aussie World. It’s a relatively easy and stress free theme park day when compared to Dream World or Movie World, which due to their sheer size are more exhausting.

There are a few downsides.

The dodgem cars don’t allow 120cm in height (approx 6 years) to drive on their own. So if you have two kids who want to ride, you will have to kindly ask another adult in line if they will ride with you, or just miss out.

If you have little kids, you will miss out on all the big rides and MAYHEM (the haunted house).

It’s difficult with a baby and child under 120cm in height because your older child won’t be allowed on rides alone. It may break your heart if he or she wants to ride, but you wont have anyone to mind your baby or ride with them.

You have to leave your belongings unattended at times (eg. at the base of the giant slide if you want to ride with your kids and worry slightly that someone else might pick it up, although it’s really quite safe. However, they do have lockers on site that you can use as well.

You may lose your place in line if your child needs to go to the toilet, however I always manage to ask the person behind me who is more than happy to mind it for me. I have never had an issue except if we take too long and the person minding it has went through.

Discount Tickets

Personally I always buy online (usually at the gate scrambling on my phone, but only because I’m so indecisive!). At Aussie World it is cheaper and therefore makes more sense to buy online.

You will also get in a shorter queue at the entry gate. Double WIN!

When you buy online they will ask you for upgrades such as showbags and kids meals. Personally I don’t buy into show bags that have $3 worth of fizzy artificial confectionery for $10. If you are sure you want to feed your kids nuggets/chips/dagwood dog etc kids meal with chips and a drink, you can buy the kids meal for $8.95 with $1 off. Again, I prefer to keep my options open, however there is not a huge variety of food choice available.

Keep in mind they do have fresh sandwiches, focaccia & rolls.