3 Resources to Improve Your Travel Photography (and make money)


Learning Travel Photography: Kakadu National Park

We’ve been sharing some cool free photography resources this month.

From a photography strengths assessment to free training on how to use your camera, how to take better photos, editing secrets, and how to make money from your photography.

Images tell compelling stories in the travel world so improving our travel photography is essential for our travel blog.

It could be important to you for the same reason, or you just might want to take better photos to share with your family and friends and keep as forever memories.

There is one problem when it comes to learning how to improve your photography – it ain’t cheap, especially when you are on a strict travel budget.

You’ve already got big ticket items like cameras, lenses, and software. We’re currently looking at upgrading our camera kit and lenses to mirrorless, and the investment is a little frightening.

We’re crunching the numbers to see how we can fit it into the budget because we know the return on investment will definitely be there.

The last thing we want, however, is to spend all this money on new camera gear and not know how to use it properly.

How to improve your travel photography

You have options for learning how to improve your photography, and even make money from your photography.

You can spend hours on YouTube and Google searching for the right teachers who want to share their wisdom for free.

Or, you can invest a lot of money into courses, degrees and maybe photography tours (which we would like to do one day).

Or spend a lot of time in the field practicing and fumbling your way through to improvement.

OR, you can take advantage of an incredible package of resources like the Ultimate Photography Bundle.

We invested in the Photography Bundle a few weeks ago as soon as I was told about it. I trust in the bundles and I want to learn from the best in the most time-effective and inexpensive way.

We only share things with you that are exceptional, and we vet first.

I invest time and money into the bundles and choose to share them with you as affiliate partners because their extraordinary value will improve aspects of your life.

So let’s look at this Ultimate Photography Bundle and then I’ll show you how just three of the resources from the bundle will improve your photography and more than make a return on your investment.

The Ultimate Photography Bundle

The Ultimate Photography Bundle includes 10 eCourses, 16 eBooks, 4 videos, and 11 practical tools (like editing presets and printable reference cards).

You can learn from 32 world-class photography instructors + 41 of their most essential and invaluable teaching resources which cover all the topics that matter to the serious photographer:

  • camera essentials
  • editing
  • family photography
  • inspiration & style
  • landscape
  • wedding photography
  • niche photography
  • and the business of photography.

But, it’s only available for a week at the most affordable price ever.

Altogether, the bundle is worth $4,100, but you pay just $147.

Can you believe it? It’s insane!!

Especially considering photography – learning and implementing it – is not cheap. This is crazy good and what I love the most from a lot of the courses I’ve taken so far, is that the instructors take you behind the scenes.

It’s one thing to learn all the tips and tricks from these pros, but to actually see how they pull it all together in real life, is so helpful to your practical application.

The photography courses and tools will help you learn how to:

  • find perfect lighting every time
  • consistently pose and shoot pro-quality portraits
  • capture stunning landscapes
  • edit and organize like the experts
  • build a thriving photography business
  • and finally, start taking the photos you’ve always dreamed of.

Even better? You’re about to learn from la creme de la creme.

Professional and celebrity photographers like Jeremy Cowart, David Molnar, Zach and Jody Gray, Katelyn James, Click it up a Notch, Cole’s Classroom, Tamara Lackey, and many more!

All of these artists are passionate about the same thing… coming together to equip, empower and educate a new generation of aspiring photographers and helping them pursue their dreams.

By joining forces and doing it together, they can help so much more people than they could on their own!

I’m stoked to be learning from them and to be able to share it with all of you!

3 resources to help you improve your photography (and make money from your photos)

1. Learn how to master your camera and take photos out of auto

Master Your DSLR by David Molnar ($297.00) Featured eCourse

If you want to take amazing pictures (especially ones to sell) getting out of auto is essential. It can be super confusing trying to learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal points lenses etc.

You don’t want to invest all that money into good camera gear, only to remain in auto mode and clueless as to how to use your camera.

Auto can only do so much.

I LOVED this training by professional and celebrity photographer. David Molnar. He breaks down concepts so simply your brain will connect the dots and know how to do it in real life.

I love that it’s a video course format because you can see what he’s doing as he explains and he takes you out onto the field so you can see how he thinks on a photo shoot and puts it all together.

I like David’s teaching style too. He’s likable and engaging and it does matter.

As you can see, with a $297 value, if you only did this course from the bundle you’ve more than made your money back. You’ve got the course at half price.

2. Learn how to organize and edit your photos like a pro and save time

learn how to edit photos using lightroom

Master Editing in Lightroom eCourse by David Molnar ($297.00) Featured eCourse

Another course you can more than make your money back with is the Master Editing in Lightroom eCourse by David Molnar.

We’ve used Lightroom for some time without even knowing how to use it. We didn’t have time to search for free training or go through the Adobe training on how to use Lightroom. Tried that and couldn’t relate to their instructional choice of language – “Right Over Your Head.”

David’s a pro photographer. That means he has organizational systems set up.

In this course, he shows you his system for organizing, importing, culling and editing his photos in easy to understand language and instructional videos.

I’m elated I did this course before embarking on our America Unplugged Adventure. All the photos from our Australian travel for the past three years is one chaotic mess. All because we didn’t know how to organize, use a system, nor how to use Lightroom.

Now I know a lot of Lightroom tips and tricks, which will help us be way more efficient with our time and travel photography editing.

That, in turn, will only enhance our ability to produce and make more money?

I was more excited by this training than anything else in the bundle.

Plus, David also gives you access to some of his presets, which help me edit photos in minutes.

3. Learn how to create a profitable photography business

How to improve your travel photography and make money from your photos

6 weeks to 6 figures business course by Zach and Jody Gray ($599)

I’m not sure I have the chops to make six figures from our travel photography, but I’d sure as hell love to learn and give it a go.

This course is a great inclusion into the bundle. I know many of you have told me over email that growing a photography business is something you want to do, but feel clueless about.

If you have the photography skills already, you’ll want to dive straight into this course.

Creating and growing a business is not easy, with this course you learn from photographers who have done it. They’ll teach you the system. Learn and replicate.

6 weeks to 6 figures may seem a little undoable, but I think anything is possible once you learn how from those who have done it. Whether you do it in six weeks or six months, is not the issue.

What is, is that you are empowered to follow your photography dreams and make them happen. Whether it’s related to travel photography, family photography, wedding photography, or anything more niche, you can do it.

This course will teach you how to create the foundations for business, how to brand yourself, how to generate leads and price your services, and offers tips on how to grow your business.

Their pricing structures have opened my eyes up to how we can increase our offering. You can tell we’ve been clueless about how to price our value.

This photography course is worth $599. How phenomenal is it that you can get it for just $147 PLUS 40 other courses, ebooks, and tools?

Extra bonuses from the Photography Bundle I also love

I’ve shown you how just three of the courses from the Ultimate Photography Bundle can help you improve your travel photography, become more efficient editors and make money from your photos.

There’s still another 38 products and bonuses you can utilize.

And don’t worry about doing them all at once. You have access to this library of resources for life. You’ve got a year to register for each one, but you can take them at your own time when you need them.

For example, if we want to improve our landscape photography we can pull out the course on Limitless Landscapes and learn how.

Should we wish at a later date to learn how to take better photos of our kids, we can pull out the course The Photo Fix.

There’s even an in-depth ebook on travel photography worth $25 and a course on taking better photos on your iPhone. (I wonder if you can apply that to Android? I reckon so.)

I’ve had my previous Ultimate Bundles related to business and blogging for over six months. I’m still pulling out courses and ebooks from them as the need for them arises. Instead of searching online for particular courses related to that skill, and spending even more money, I just pull it from my library of resources.

I’ve made one small investment, to have access to learning for life, saving thousands of dollars and oodles of time.

Here are some more bonuses from the bundle to get even more value.

The Cole’s Classroom Lightroom Presets Bundle by Cole’s Classroom ($227.00) Featured Collection

I love presets! I’ve only recently discovered, and spent, a bit of money collecting them. Boy, do they make editing easier and my photos look better?

I can tell the difference by the number of likes we get on an Instagram photo (because we all know that’s how we validate our self-worth right? LOL!)

I just don’t have the eye for knowing how to create looks like that myself with Lightroom. And to be honest, I have no interest in figuring it out. Just let me copy the pros in a matter of minutes, please.

Quick Tip Photo Cards: Printable Cheat Sheets for Moms by Meg Calton

These are handy photo tip cards to throw in your wallet or cross over bag, specially made for Mums.

If you get a bit forgetful or overwhelmed with all the tech jargon to take a great photo, just pull out these to get you back on track.  They cover topics such as composition, finding good lighting, working with kids, and shooting in manual mode.

Going Pro: How to make money from you photography

It’s amazing how many people struggle in business because they don’t know how to put together the right marketing materials. I find this a struggle. These 5 piece photography business and client form templates will make it easy for you

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a marketing tool I can’t run my business without. I tried to do without it but returned as it’s just so darn good at continuing to recycle your content out to your social media channels. You do the work once and it takes over for you forever.

With the photography bundle, you get one month for free which is a $75 value. Anyone who is a customer of Meet Edgar already, like me, gets a 25% discount off your net monthly bill. Thank you!


Canva is another tool I have a premium account for and can’t do without, especially when imagery is such a huge part of social media AND Pinterest, of which we have an exceptionally large following.

Canva helps us effortlessly, without any design skills, create images that look good on social and help bring traffic to our blog. It’s an “I can’t live without” business tool.

Even if you just want to improve your personal photography and not for business reasons, Canva is a cool option for you to help you make creative things from your photos like cards, collages, or quotes.

You get 60 day trial for free which is a $26 value.

There’s a heap more value in training within the bundle, but I won’t go any further. I just wanted to show you how three courses and a few extra bonuses can help you improve your photography and, possibly make money from your photos if that is what you want.

There’s no denying this bundle has exceptional value. 

how to improve your travel photography

There’s just one catch…a deal this good can’t last forever!

All instructors agreed that the bundle would be available for six days only, and then it will disappear.

Which is why you should absolutely learn more and check out everything that’s included, but there’s just one thing you really can’t do, and that’s wait.

I’d hate for you to miss out on this!

If you’re ready to get your own Ultimate Photography Bundle, go here right now and grab it!

Don’t forget—the bundle goes off sale on Monday, February 27th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

And if you’re still on the fence, there’s really no risk in getting it anyways because they’ve got a full 30-day happiness guarantee – money back no fuss.

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Want to improve your travel photography and make money selling photos? Here are three resources that will teach you how to master your camera, edit your photos professionally, and grow a photography business. Click to read more. Happy Pinning

Want to improve your travel photography and make money selling photos? Here are three resources that will teach you how to master your camera, edit your photos professionally, and grow a photography business. Click to read more. Happy Pinning

3 Resources to Improve Your Travel Photography (and make money)
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