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If you ever wondered what traveling or living abroad as a sole parent is like…well um, you have to be resilent and you have to not sweat the small stuff!

This morning I decided to film my daily morning ritual…but in actual fact you witness my five year old hack all his hair off! So is the life of a parent!

Being a solo mum without any support is tough. It gets slightly more complicated when you are out of your own country and experiencing new things….

When I first arrived to Bali I was renting a villa, but quickly found out it was not for me unless I wanted to hire a full time nanny. Luckily I found a house with a Balinese family and it’s much nicer, plus I have more security and can ‘pop out to the shops’ or go ‘for a quick run’, knowing that there are adults around!

I loooove making videos so join me to see what unravels on this crazy life of adventure I have spent aaaages researching and curating the best family travel products.

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